Thursday, July 17, 2014

Lately, I've been putting my hair in a bun. 

Cutting these bad boys to make...
delicious smoothies.

Because it's summer and everything just has to be refreshing!

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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Symbols & Definitions

 I don't think you can officially say that I'm back because this blog is subjected to sporadic entries. Since I'm here, I wanted to tell you all that I've been seriously thinking about getting inked. 
I've had a lot of time to brainstorm, and the following are the ones I've seriously considered: 

1. V V MCMXL (my grandpa's birthday. i love my grandpa.)
2.  كله ماشي‎  or גם זה יעבור("This too shall pass" in either Arabic or Hebrew)
3. ("Haru" meaning springtime. This has multiple meanings to me. One, being that it's my dog's name. Two, just because it feels as if it's a promise that spring will come after the cold winter nights.


  oh and look, i got purplish blue hair!
That's all thanks to Photoshop, but how cool would it be to have that hair color? 
Pretty. Damn. Cool. 

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Monday, September 24, 2012

Side to Side

Chris ditched me to hang out with his friends. So you know what I did? I blasted the 
radio on and PARTIED! No just kidding. It was one of those rare days when I find myself
all alone at home, and I did nothing but blast the music on and danced like CRAZY! 
While I did that, I looked around in my closet and played dress up. Guess what I found hiding
in there? This long brown skirt. Usually I see girls rocking boho chic looks with this type of 
skirt, but I did more than just that. I wore it as a dress JUST BECAUSE. 

Now... It's time to clean up the mess I made :[

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